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The People of the 80’s - TEQ SERIES, EP 1

“I was born 1986 … I am of the generation where it was becoming evident that Nigeria was a failed state.” - Affiong Williams

Was there ever a good education system in Nigeria? From the look of things, a blight future awaits Nigeria if these questions remain unanswered. These were questions that roamed my mind before I decided to outline the book; The Existential Questions, the bedrock for the podcast series, “The Existential Questions: The Uncomfortable Facts”. In this podcast series, I discuss with Nigerians questions we need to come to grip with.

I am excited to share the first edition tagged “The People of the 80’s” which was graced by two impeccable children of the soil; Affiong Williams, entrepreneur and CEO of Reel Fruits and Abiola Kazeem CEO of Elevate Sports.

“My mother felt ... the sacrifice of sending my sister to Port-Harcourt for the sort of education she was getting wasn’t good enough.” - Abiola Kazeem.

Our discussion highlighted their experiences of being Nigerians born in the 1980s from different classes. The conversation centered on the Nigeria we met; one where citizens were concerned about everything, where that system worked for all classes and security was a trade of trust between two entities. We delved into the Nigeria we've grown into; where people do things with only themselves in mind, where the decay of the system is apparent and glaring with the middle-class evaporating. Nigerians are silently crying for help, for a new order of Knights that are afraid of an apocalypse.

What are these questions that we need answers to? Which sectors can possibly rescue us?

This podcast series and the book answers these questions.

Till the next episode, think of what you can do, to make Nigeria a giant again.


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