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In The Beginning - TEQ SERIES, EP 2

"When a civil war is fought, it is done to correct what led to the war." - Professor Toyin Falola

In this episode, we discussed the similarities of Nigeria before independence and after independence.  Professor Toyin Falola, a Nigerian Historian and Professor of African Studies, shared his knowledge and opinions on the Nigeria you never knew. 

"In the history of Nigeria, the civil war was lost - all the reasons that led to the war remained and are still prevalent."  - Professor Toyin Falola

This discussion continues in the next episode of this podcast series and in the book; The Existential Questions by Oluseun Onigbinde.

Till the next episode, think of what you can do, to make Nigeria a giant again.

TEQ; The Existential Questions

TUF; The Uncomfortable Facts


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