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The Latecomers - TEQ SERIES, EP 3

The power social media has given to our generation, combined with festering anger, and people who have decided not to talk about it but come together and say what can we do, that's the Nigeria we are witnessing. - Fakhrriyyah Hashim

In this episode (1 of 2), we speak with Fakhrriyyah Hashim who shares her views on the ongoing #ENDSARS protest in Nigeria, the Nigeria she met and the one she hopes it becomes.

According to Fakhrriyyah Hashim, young people know if they campaign and vote for BBNaija, their votes would be reflected in the BBNaija results. This is something Nigerian youths haven't seen throughout their entire lives in the Nigerian government. 

My first real experience with Nigeria was in 2005. I was 14 years old. 60 of my friends passed away in the Sosoliso plane crash. The biggest lesson I learnt at 14 was that the Nigerian State does not care. No one was fined. No one was arrested. No one was blamed. 60 children died. - Iyinoluwa Aboyeji

In the the next episode (2 of 2), we discuss uncomfortable facts with Iyinoluwa Aboyeji who shares 3 things Nigeria needs to work on to make a better system. 

According to Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, an education process has taken place. Thanks to global media... Technology is offering us tools for organizing... to create a coordinated protest across multiple different states in another time would have been almost impossible to do without building what is called STRUCTURE.

Click to listen to the podcast and share your views.

Till the next episode, think of what you can do, to make Nigeria a giant again.

TEQ; The Existential Questions

TUF; The Uncomfortable Facts

About Fakhrriyyah Hashim

Fakhrriyyah Hashim is a social and community development advocate in Nigeria. She has been featured on multiple local and international media outlets as a social and political commentator. She has worked with multiple NGOs and development agencies such as Girl Child Concerns in the conflict-ridden Borno State on multiple SDGs. She is a finance alumnus of Abu Dhabi University, UAE. She pioneered the exploding conversation on sexual violence in Northern Nigeria through #ArewaMeToo, which drew inspiration from the global #MeToo Movement. (culled from Quartz)

About Iyinoluwa Aboyeji

FIyinoluwa Aboyeji is an entrepreneur in the public interest. He is passionate about partnering with missionary talent and capital to build an African future. (Culled from LinkedIn)


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